Victorian Villa, The Drawing Room


Add soft furnishings to a drawing room in a stunning Victorian Villa.

Work Completed:

Curtains, blinds and soft furnishings in Timorous Beasties hand printed iguana on linen.

I have had the pleasure of working with Julia on a number of projects and cannot recommend her highly enough. We first worked together on a drawing room which, quite frankly, had overwhelmed me with its scale. I have ended up with a beautifully tranquil room which very much reflects my own somewhat quirky style. Her knowledge is extensive but never overplayed. She has a wonderful knack of proffering a multitude of ideas and then helping you narrow them down to exactly what you want. Most memorably on this project, she was able to guide me towards a choice of curtain fabric that I would never have discovered by myself and which I know I will love for ever. She negotiated with the manufacturers whowere hand-printing the fabric and oversaw the production and installation of the curtains and blinds with a degree of detail which I was enormously grateful for. The end result is fabulous.
September 2013